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    The City of Franklin is boldly planning to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead us into the future.

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Do I Need a Permit?

 Zoning Permit
 Building/Electric Permit  Other Permit
 Addition YES YES NO
 Assembly NO NO  YES
 Block Party NO  NO  YES 
 Car Port YES YES NO
 Certificate of Occupancy NO YES NO
 Change of Use YES YES NO
 Converting a Basement into Living Space NO YES NO
 Converting a Garage into Living Space *NO YES NO
 Demolition of Building Structure NO YES NO
 Driveway Apron (20' Max Width)/Curb NO NO YES
 Driveway New or Expansion NO NO YES
 Dumpster/POD on Street NO NO YES
 Dumpster/POD on Property NO NO YES
 Dumpster/POD (Private Driveway)  NO NO YES
 Electric Service (New/Upgrade/Repair) NO YES NO
 Electrical Wiring NO YES NO
 Event NO  NO  YES
 Fence (New or Replace Existing) YES NO NO
 Finish Basement NO YES  NO
 Fire Protection (Commercial Fire Alarm/Sprinkler) NO YES NO
 Flag Pole NO NO NO
 Garage Sale NO NO YES
 Garage, Attached or Detached YES YES  NO 
 Gas Line NO  YES  NO 
 Gazebo YES  *YES NO 
 Generator - Standby/Backup NO  YES NO 
 HVAC New/Replacement - Furnace/Central Air NO  YES  NO 
 Hood Suppression NO  YES  NO 
 Hot Tub YES  YES NO 
 New Residential or Commercial Building YES  YES  YES 
 Parade NO  NO  YES
 Patio YES  NO  NO 
 Patio Cover/Deck Cover/Balcony YES  YES  NO 
 Patio Enclosure YES  YES  NO 
 Pole Barn YES  YES  NO 
 Play Structure NO  NO  NO 
 Private Walkway YES  NO  NO 
 Remodel NO YES  NO 
 Roof Replacement NO  NO  NO 
 Secondhand Dealer NO  NO  YES 
 Shed YES  *YES  NO 
 Sidewalk Replacement NO  NO  YES 
 Siding NO  NO  NO 
 Signage YES  YES  NO 
 Solar Array *NO  YES  NO 
 Solicitor NO  NO  YES 
 Storage POD NO  NO  YES
 Sunroom YES YES  NO 
 Swimming Pool - Above Ground/In-Ground YES  YES  NO 
 Tent YES  YES  NO 
 Vendors *NO  NO  YES 
 Window/Door Replacement (Same Size) NO  NO  NO 

*Conditions Apply

Questions? Call City of Franklin Building & Zoning Department 937.746.9921
- Plumbing Permits - Contact Warren County Health Department (513) 695-1228
- Right of Way Permit - Contact City of Franklin Public Works (937) 746-5001
- Outside Water/Sewer Line Repair/Replacement - Contact City of Franklin Public Works (937) 746-5001
- Earth Disturbing Permit - Contact Warren County Soil & Water at (513) 695-1337