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Fee Schedules

Section 1313 Appendix A & Section 1105.09 Fees

The following schedule for fees is authorized by Ordinance 2009-05 and Ordinance 2014-07

The rates and fees for services and permits of the City of Franklin are as follows:

1. Building Division - Part Thirteen, Franklin Codified Ordinances
  (a) Residential (1, 2 and 3 Family Permit Fees):
    Building Structure Fees:
      New Homes & Room Additions- Base Fee
Plus $0.23 per Square Foot of Total Area
      Alterations, Remodeling & Fire Damage- Base Fee
Plus $0.23 per Square Foot of Project Area
      201 to 400 Square Foot Accessory Structure- Base Fee
Plus $0.12 per Square Foot
      Greater than 400 Square Foot Accessory Structure- Base Fee
Plus $0.12 per Square Foot
      Swimming Pool $75.00
    Electric Fees:
      Base Fee- New Homes, Room Additions and Alterations
Plus $0.04 per Square Foot
      Temporary Electric Pole $50.00
      Electric Service Upgrade (Service Change) $35.00
      : with Additional Wiring $70.00
    Heating & Air Conditioning Fees:
      Base Fee $75.00
      Each Additional Unit $30.00
      Duct Extension Only $50.00
      Replacement Heating and Air Conditioning (Combined) $90.00
      Replacement Heating or Air Conditioning $60.00
      Gas Piping Inspection $75.00
    Plan Review Fee:
      After second revision $24.00 per hour
    Board of Building Standards Fee: (Residential)  1% of Total Fee
  (b) Commercial OBC Permit Fees:
    (All structures other than 1, 2, and 3 family residences and agricultural buildings)
    Structural Fees:
      Base Fee
Plus $7.50 per 100 Square Feet
    Electrical Fees:
      Base Fee
Plus $4.50 per 100 Square Feet
    Mechanical Fees:
      Base Fee
Plus $4.50 per 100 Square Feet
    Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Systems:
      Base Fee
Plus $4.50 per 100 Square Feet of Total Suppressed Floor Area
    Fire Alarm Systems:
      Base Fee
Plus $4.50 per Device
    Remodel & Major Alterations:
      Above Fees apply to the Project Area
    Minor Alterations:
      Per Each Type of Permit
(Building, Electric, Mechanical, Fire Protection)
    Sign Permit Fees:
      Small Sign- Under 100 Square Feet 
      Structural $75.00
      Electrical $75.00
      Large Sign- 100 Square Feet and Larger   
      Structural $150.00
      Electrical $150.00
    Industrialized Unit Fees:
      Base Fee
Plus $1.30 per 100 Square Feet of Total Floor Area
    Swimming Pool: $150.00
    Certificate of Occupancy: $50.00
    Plan Examination Fee: $75.00 per hour
    Board of Building Standards Fee: (Commercial)  3% of Total Fee
  (c) Administrative Fees:
    First call back re-inspection  No Charge
    Further call back re-inspection- Residential $50.00
    Further call back re-inspection- Commercial $100.00
    Unspecified Permit Fee: For any type of permit not specifically listed in this Fee Schedule the fee shall be calculated to the most similar permit type, as determined at the discretion of the City of Franklin.
    Starting work without a permit: $100.00 or Permit Fee times 2, whichever is greater.
    Missed Inspection: $100.00
    One Year Permit Renewal: (per § 105.5 Ohio Building Code and RCO)  $100.00
  (d) Plumbing:
    Permits, Fees and Inspections associated with plumbing shall be in accordance with the provisions set forth by the Warren County Board of Health, Plumbing Division unless otherwise specified by City Council.
2. Planning & Zoning - Part Eleven, Franklin Codified Ordinances:
  The Zoning Official shall collect fees according to the following schedule: 
    Accessory Use Permits:
    Antenna and Antenna Towers $50.00
    Decks, Patios, Porches, and Balconies $50.00
    Dish Type Satellite Receiving Antennas $50.00
    Fences and Walls $50.00
    Garages/Carports/Barns $50.00
    Gazebos, Trellises & Other Open-Sided Structures $50.00
    Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
      Above Ground $50.00
      In Ground $50.00
    Appeals $150.00
    Certificate of Zoning Compliance $50.00
    Conditional Use Permits $150.00
    Construction Plans $300.00
    Final Plat Amendments $150.00
    Floodplain Overlay District Permit $150.00
    Major Site Plan $400.00*
    Minor Site Plan $100.00
    Major Subdivisions (Preliminary and Final Platting) $300.00 + $10 per lot
    Minor Subdivision $150.00
    Nonconforming Use (Substitution or Extension) $150.00
    Planned Unit Overlay District (PUD) $200.00*
      Preliminary  $600* + site plan
       Final Development Plan  $300.00*
    Planned Residential Conservation District (PRCD)  
       Preliminary $600* + site plan
       Final Development Plan $300.00*
    Re-zonings (Text or Changes to the Zoning Map) $150.00
    Sign Permits
      New Sign $100.00 for 1st sign
       Each Additional Sign  $25.00
      Replacement of existing sign face/s $50.00
    Similar Uses, Determination of $100.00
    Stormwater Management Plan and Site Development Plan Review  $300.00*
    Temporary Certificates $50.00
    Telecommunications Overlay District Special Permit $200.00*
    Variances $150.00
    Well Field Protection Overlay District Permit $200.00*

When the applicant submits an application for more than one permit and/or approval, and the applications are substantially the same, the City Manager, in his sole discretion, may waive all or part of any fee herein required.

*Any additional costs above the established application fee shall be borne by the applicant at a rate equal to the actual costs to the City.