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Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee was created by City Council to plan and organize all special events within the community, including the July 4th celebrations and Franklin In Lights. The Committee also partners with area businesses in supporting other area events.

Special Event Committee Members

Amanda Coomer Mrs. Coomer was appointed to the Committee in 2011
Stephen DiNardo Mr. DiNardo has served on the Committee since 2013
Jill Wright Ms. Wright was appointed to the Committee in 2022.
Betsy Westendorf Mrs. Westendorf has served on the Committee since 2009
Taylor Hartmann Mr. Hartmann was appointed to the Committee in 2022.


The Special Events Committee meets on an as-needed basis. All meetings are held at the City’s Municipal Building, 1 Benjamin Franklin Way, or at the City’s Fire & EMS Division Building, 45 East Fourth Street.

Special Events Donation Program

Want to help support special events in the City? You can make a monthly donation to the Special Events Committee on your utility bill! All funds received through this Donation Program go only to supporting the Special Events you love, such as the Fourth of July and Franklin In Lights, and enable the Special Events Committee to plan new events. You can pick the amount you want to donate monthly - from $1 a month to $5 a month - and it will be added to your utility bill for monthly payment. You can cancel your donation at any time by contacting the Utility Billing Division.

Help support special events by filling out an Enrollment Form [PDF] and returning it to the Utility Billing Division.

Thank You For Your Support!