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Notice of Public Hearing - Planning Commission

The City of Franklin Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. on the following cases:

1.    PC 24-08 Major Site Plan Revision - Franklin High School Parking Lot - Parcels #0431178001, 0431178011, 0431178010, and 0431178003 (140 East Sixth Street).  The applicant, SHP c/o Mark Demko, on behalf of Franklin City Schools, is requesting approval of a major site plan revision to PC 22-02 in order to demolish the existing 89 space parking lot located to the northwest of the school along parcels #0431178003, 10, & 11 and construct a new 96 space parking lot predominately on parcel #0431178001 and abutting East Sixth Street and Anderson Street.  This property is located in the MU-1 & CV-1 zoning districts. (This Item to Remain Tabled.)

1.    PC 24-09 Major Site Plan - 33 E Sixth Street - Slipcast Brewery - Bunnell Hill Construction c/o Dan Thomas is requesting approval of a major site plan for the construction of a brewery to be located on the corner of E. Sixth Street and Riley Boulevard. The proposed use will include a new 8,505 sq. ft. brewery, 32 parking spaces, an outdoor sitting area, and two access drives from the existing alley along E. Sixth Street.

2.    PC 24-10 Rezoning Application - E. Sixth Street - Franklin High School - (Parcels 04-31-178-001, 04-31-178-004, 04-31-178-006, 04-31-178-007, 04-31-178-012, and 04-31-178-013) - SHP c/o Russell Miller on behalf of the Franklin City School District is requesting that the Planning Commission forward a recommendation of approval for the rezoning of six vacant parcels located along E. Sixth Street, E. Seventh Street, and Anderson Street from MU-1 Mixed Use to CV-1 Civic.

Any and all interested persons are invited to attend and speak on these cases at the public hearing.  The meeting shall be held at the Franklin Municipal Building, 1 Benjamin Franklin Way, Franklin, Ohio 45005.

David Hopper 
Planning Commission Chair