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Electric Aggregation

In November of 2000, City of Franklin voters authorized the creation of an electric aggregation program. Under governmental aggregation, local officials bring the community together for group purchasing power. The community benefits by receiving competitively-priced electric from a retail supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

City of Franklin officials have selected Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. (“Constellation”) as the preferred supplier for the current program term. The program term offers a fixed rate of $0.04790 per kWh starting with your meter read in May 2021, subject to enrollment by the Utility, and shall remain in effect through your May 2024 meter read. A 100% renewable energy option (renewable energy certificates sourced from nationally-sited wind power generators ("RECs")) is also available at a fixed rate of $0.04890 per kWh by calling Constellation at 833-969-2857.  

The City has negotiated a new agreement with Energy Harbor to serve as the electric aggregation supplier beginning in May 2024 for an 18-month term. The best available market rate for the program is $0.0631/kWh compared to Duke Energy’s rate of $0.097/kWh currently. 
At the beginning of each new aggregation contract, eligible residents are sent an opt-out letter from the supplier selected by the City. 

Most residential and small business customers residing within the community receiving electricity from Duke are eligible for the aggregation program. Eligible residential or small business customers will be automatically enrolled. Residential and business customers who are not eligible for automatic enrollment in the program include:
  • A customer that is not located within community boundaries
  • A customer who appears on the PUCO’s “do not aggregate” list
  • A customer who is in contract with another electric provider
  • A customer who has a special contract with the electric utility company
  • Customers who are behind on their payments to the utility
  • A mercantile customer that has not provided consent to join the program. "Mercantile customer" means a commercial or
    industrial customer if the electricity consumed is for nonresidential use and the customer consumes more than 700,000
    kWh/ year or is part of a national account involving multiple facilities in one or more states.

Please contact our consultant on the aggregation program, Jordan Haarmann with AGE, at 618-203-8328 to inquire about how you can join the City’s aggregation program. 

You will continue to receive one monthly bill from Duke Energy. There is no cost to enroll. Enrollment is automatic, but participation is voluntary. You may opt-out of this program without penalty at any time for any reason by providing notice to Constellation. If you choose to opt-out, you will be served by the standard service offer of Duke (the “Utility”) or until you choose an alternative supplier of electric service.