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    The City of Franklin is boldly planning to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead us into the future.

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Reinvent Franklin

Reinvent Franklin 2040The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-range plan for land use and development. It is a set of goals, maps, illustrations, and implementation strategies that state how the City of Franklin should address development: physically, socially, and economically. The planning process was initiated to rewrite the City of Franklin Comprehensive Plan, starting in June 2021 and the City Council adopted a final draft at their May 6, 2024 meeting. Reinvent Franklin serves as a guide and a tool for decision makers regarding land use, development, capital investments, and place making.
The Plan sets the general direction for future growth and redevelopment across the City of Franklin for the next 15-20 years. While the Reinvent Franklin Comprehensive Plan has a horizon of 2040, it should be reviewed periodically and updated regularly in response to land use trends, changes in population, or any significant events that may affect Franklin’s future. These updates will ensure that the Plan and its individual elements remain relevant.

View the Reinvent Franklin 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Plan provides an integrated approach to all aspects of Franklin’s physical development and related economic and social issues, with an emphasis on economic development, active parks, enhanced land uses, coordinated traffic circulation, and developing prosperous neighborhoods. The Comprehensive Plan consists of elements such as land use, transportation, housing, parks and recreation, economic development, and community character. This document is key to help achieve a workable, livable, and prosperous Franklin, it provides the vision guiding principles; goals and strategies for Franklin to prosper and grow as a modern 21st century city.

Downtown Franklin Master Plan

Downtown Franklin The Downtown Master Plan establishes an aspirational vision for the future of  Downtown Franklin. It addresses various aspects of the downtown fabric, such as the  built environment and character, connectivity and access, and the area’s experience, image, and perception. It represents the Franklin community’s desire to remake Downtown into a vibrant and thriving ecosystem, with plentiful options for living, dining,  shopping, working, and recreation while improving the overall experience of the area to become a safer, more comfortable, and inviting destination for families.

View the Downtown Franklin Master Plan

The community created the plan! This effort was initiated by the city of Franklin in late 2021 and culminated in December 2022. The city engaged the services of planning consultants McBride Dale Clarion to support the planning process, which includes a thorough analysis of the existing conditions of Downtown. The planning team also collected and dissected concerns and desires that the public voiced to help form the goals and strategic recommendations that are the crux of this plan. The process included a review of plan goals and direction at key points with the City Council, the Comprehensive Plan’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee, and the general public through an Open House event and an online survey. 
The Franklin community enthusiastically engaged with the process and provided expansive input on needs, desires, and ideas for Downtown’s future. The responses to the various surveys and visual preference exercises show that the community is primarily cohesive in the ideas, key priorities, and overarching vision for Downtown. Themes of making Downtown a destination with diverse dining options, safe and active public spaces, convenient parking and circulation, and a fun place for families resonated throughout the feedback received.