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Income Tax

City of Franklin Codified Ordinance
The purpose of the tax on income and the withholding tax established by this Chapter 753 is to provide funds for general municipal operations, maintenance, new equipment, extensions and enlargement of municipal services, facilities and capital improvements of the City.

Income Tax Division Information

General Information
  • The current Franklin tax rate is 2% effective July 1, 2011.
  • Income tax returns are due on the Federal Filing Deadline or the 15th day of the fourth month following year end.
  • Income tax filing is mandatory for all residents 18 and older.
  • Residents of the City of Franklin receive credit up to 2% for taxes paid to other cities. 
  • Franklin income tax representatives are available to assist taxpayers during business hours. No appointment is necessary.
  • A drop box is located in our parking lot for your convenience.
  • Forms may be obtained by visiting or calling our office 937-986-1035 or go directly to the forms page.
Tax Payments:
Pay Online

  • Our new online payment site is live now! Our old online payment site will be closed at the end of 2023. Payments can be scheduled until 12/29/2023.
    • Click the registration link to create your account. You will need your new account number to register. This can be found on the mailer you received in January or you can contact our office.
  • Taxpayers can pay their balances due online. This includes estimated tax, tax balances, penalty & interest, and withholding tax.
    • Credit card convenience fee is 2.55%, minimum $2.00
    • Debit card convenience fee is 1.95%
    • eCheck fee is $1.50
  • Payments are accepted in office, via US Mail, & via the drop box.  
Tax Return Filing Requirements:
  • The City has mandatory filing for all resident taxpayers 18 & over.  All Franklin residents must file a return annually, even if no tax is owed.*
  • Income tax returns must be filed by the Federal Deadline, the 15th day of the fourth month following the year end.
  • All businesses located within City limits must file a return, even if no tax is owed.
  • All non-resident businesses, individuals and landlords who have income (or loss), perform work or services in the City, or own rental property within the City limits must file.
  • All tax returns prepared by a third party must be submitted to the City by the resident or business. Third party electronic filing is not accepted by the City income tax department.
                           * Residents with only retirement income must file a final return to establish retirement status.

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments: 753.07 Declaration of Estimated Tax
  • If your estimated annual tax due exceeds $200.00, you are required to make estimated quarterly income tax payments.
    • Individual due dates are April 15, June 15th, September 15th, & January 15th.
    • Business due dates are April 15, June 15th, September 15th, & December 15th.
  • Non-payment, underpayment & late payment of the required estimated quarterly payments will result in penalty and interest charges. See 753.10 Penalty, Interest; Fees and Charges

Taxable and Non-Taxable Income:Taxable-nontaxable income

Annual Interest Rate:
By October 31 of each year, the interest rate that will apply to overdue municipal income taxes during the next calendar year will be posted herein, as required by Ohio Revised Code 718.27. The interest rate is calculated by adding five percentage points to the federal short-term rate (rounded to the nearest whole number percent) that was in effect during July of the current year, in accordance with ORC, and it applicable to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2016.
Based on these requirements, the applicable interest rate is as follows:

Calendar Year Annual Rate  Monthly Rate
 2024 10.0% 0.833333%
 2023 7.0%   0.583333%
 2022 5.0%   0.416667%
 2021  5.0%   0.416667%
 2020  7.0%   0.583333%
 2019 7.0%  0.583333%
 2018 6.0%  0.50%
 2017 6.0%  0.50%
 2016 5.0%  0.416667%
 Tax Year 2015 and prior 18.0%  1.50%

  • If you have any questions or need assistance on your Federal Return, you may call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit the IRS website.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance on your State Return you may call the State at 1-800-282-1780 or visit the Ohio Department of Taxation website.
  • If you have any questions regarding your property tax/real estate tax you may call Warren County Auditor at 513-695-1300 or visit the Auditor’s website