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EMS & Medical

635023032460000000Following a medical or traumatic emergency, there can be a lot of questions. An unfortunate reality of providing quality medical care means that there is often some questions about what needs to be done about the financial obligations which result from that care.  Our FAQ page should go a long way to answer most of those commonly asked questions.  We encourage you to go there first to see if you aren't able to find the information you are looking for, or even handle your need electronically.

Advanced Life Support Care- 24/7

The City of Franklin Division of Fire & EMS provides on-duty staffing of two Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport units all day, every day.  We also staff our on-duty fire crew with additionally trained EMT and paramedics to serve you.  This often means that we are able to staff a third ambulance which me maintain in reserve.  If additional ambulance units are required, our crews can also 'first respond' and begin providing preliminary medical care to the sick and injured while a transport unit from a neighboring community travels to the location of the emergency.

Can I review your HIPPA privacy policy?

The City of Franklin, Division of Fire & EMS works to protect your privacy.  Please CLICK HERE to view our complete policy.  All patients will receive this notice in the mail following our patient contact.