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Clerk of Council

Khristi Dunn has served as Clerk of Council since 2020. Her responsibilities as Clerk include preparing legislation for Council meetings, giving notice of all Council meetings, keeping records of all Council proceeding, and updating the City's Codified Ordinances. Khristi also assists the other City Boards and Commissions and other City Departments.

The City of Franklin became a Charter Municipality in 1984, when the residents of Franklin voted in the Charter of the City of Franklin, Ohio. The Charter allows the City the advantages of self-government - also called home rule - conferred by the Ohio Constitution. The Charter establishes the City’s form of government; the corporate powers of the City; rules governing election to Council and Council procedures; and the rules for initiative petitions, referendum and recall. The Charter also establishes the powers of the City Manager, and creates the City’s various Departments, Boards, and Commissions.

Codified Ordinances
Disclaimer: The Codified Ordinances which may be accessed by the above link do not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City. Please contact the Clerk of Council to obtain the most current legislation.
An “ordinance” is a law or regulation formally enacted by Franklin City Council in accordance with the terms set forth in the Charter and with State of Ohio laws. Ordinances included in the “Codified Ordinances” permanent and general in nature. 

Public Records Requests 
A “Public record” is any record that serves to document the organization, policies, functions, decisions, procedures and other activities of the Council and the City’s administrative offices, boards and committees, and is determined by an “actual use” standard. 

Public Meeting Calendar

Agendas & Minutes