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Public Record Requests

A “Public record” is any record that serves to document the organization, policies, functions, decisions, procedures and other activities of the Council and the City’s administrative offices, boards and committees, and is determined by an “actual use” standard. The City follows the definition of public record contained in Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43(A) and the same exceptions outlined in that Section apply.
Any person may make a request for public records, but the requester must specify with reasonable clarity the records he or she is seeking. The request should not be overly broad, and should describe the records being sought with specificity and particularity. If the requester asks for copies of records, the requester must pay the cost of duplication and any mailing costs before the records are delivered.

Public Records Policy

The City organizes and maintains its public records so that they are available in response to public records requests. The City also maintains a copy of its current Retention Schedule. These schedules are listed below. 

To make a public records request, please contact the Clerk of Council or submit the survey below. The Clerk can be reached at:

Ms. Khristi Dunn
Clerk of Council
City of Franklin
1 Benjamin Franklin Way
Franklin, OH 45005
(937) 746 9921