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Community Electric Aggregation Notification

The City of Franklin offers an Opt-out Electric Aggregation program available to its residents that provides a fixed electric supply rate for eligible customers with Duke Energy. Opt-out aggregation allows the City to pool together its residential electric load and shop for lower electric supply rates in bulk, similar to how one could get a discount by buying in bulk at a large box store. 
The first contract began in May 2018 for a 3-year term, followed by another 3-year term beginning in May 2021 and scheduled to end this May. The current contract is through Constellation and offers a fixed rate of $0.0479/kWh, compared to Duke Energy’s current electric supply price-to-compare of $0.097/kWh. In the past 12 months, the average resident participating in the City’s aggregation has experienced savings of around $540 compared to if they were still an electric supply customer with Duke Energy. 
The City has negotiated a new agreement with Energy Harbor to serve as the electric aggregation supplier beginning in May 2024 for an 18-month term. The new rate for the program is $0.0631/kWh compared to Duke Energy’s rate of $0.097/kWh currently. 
At the beginning of each new aggregation contract, eligible residents are sent an opt-out letter from the supplier selected by the City. This letter details the new rate, term, and gives a resident 21-days to opt-out of the program if they do not wish to participate. 

Eligible residents include the following:
•    Residents currently enrolled in the aggregation program
•    Residents currently receiving their electric supply service from Duke Energy

Ineligible residents for the initial opt-out letters are:
•    Residents receiving their electric supply service from a supplier outside of the City’s aggregation program
•    Residents on certain assistance programs that are ineligible for aggregation per Ohio law

If you are ineligible for the opt-out letters, you can still participate in the aggregation rate negotiated by the City. Please contact our consultant on the aggregation program, Jordan Haarmann with AGE, at 618-203-8328 to inquire about how you can join the City’s aggregation program.
For more information on Government Aggregation programs, please visit https://puco.ohio.gov/utilities/electricity/resources/government-aggregation.